Lauren Conrad, Outfit inspired, my version!

SHIRT-Forever 21
LEGGINGS-Forever 21
BOOTS- Square One
I was going to meet my boyfriend's family and i wanted to look, classy and elegant, after you can only give a good first impression once :)).Understand that my outfit it's Inspired by Lauren Conrad which means it's not exactly alike i didn't want to wear heel because i was going to a house and i didn't think it was appropriate :))
Anyways thanks for visiting my blogs hunnys :))!

Macys Christmas decoration !!

Macys always have a great decoration for Christmas i love ittt, i can feel the christmas spirit already :))!

I love Christmas it's a great time to love and have fun with family and friends, and I'm looking forward to a new year full of happiness and blessings for everyone :))!

Lauren Conrad!!

OMG!! i love this books, LC it's my inspiration ,I wan't to be a Fashion Designer and she's an amazing designer with a lot of talent. She was just a normal high school girl, who got the opportunity to appear in a reality tv show,and I've seen her struggle,learn , failed, and success in the fashion industry. I just admire the amount of passion she puts in everything she does and how her discipline and commitment have help her be the successful Writer, Designer ,Reality star she is now!

Maybelline Bronze Natural Smokes Squad !

This look it's perfect for a night out ,for the clubs ,lounge,or even to go on a date!I love this palette it's very pigmented and i love the colors i love smoky effect. 

Wet Curls!!

Today in New York the weather went up to 70 degrees,so what a perfect day for a sexy wet curls hairstyle!!
My hair stays curl for days if i leave it like that!!Check my tutorial on Wet Curls :))
Wet Curls are perfect for any occasion because you can accessorize it anyway you want ,you can do so many updo's ,leave wild,how ever you wan't :))

Kim Kardashian Makeup Inspired!!

I'm sure we all love her makeup it's  awesome 

my version of her makeup :))

i use the 78 coastal scents palette i use a dark brown for the outer corner ,light brown for the crease , for lid i use shimmery silver and for the brow bone i use a color similar to my color skin .

Lauren Conrad Inspired Hair!!

So i love Lauren Conrad and i decided to do a hair tutorial inspired on her.

She's beautiful, she's a Fashion Designer and she has worked really
hard to get to where she's at ,and she's my role model, my inspiration

Just a simple makeup for everyday plus Outfit of the day !

Wonder what I'm wearing in my face ?? 
Well today i wanted something very simple natural and beautiful:

  • Pond's moisturizer .
  • Covergirl True match powder  foundation/Color: True Beige. 
  • Maybelline lipstick /Color: Born With It #015.
  • E.L.F liquid eyeliner/Color: Black.
  • Almay Eyeliner/Color :Black .
  • Covergirl Concealer.

My outfit of the day it's very simple ,even though Fall it's almost here today was really warm
 in New York City:
My vest/cardigan it's from H&M/
My tank-top it's from Forever 21.
My denim shorts are from Forever 21.
My gladiator type of sandals are from Square One.
Earing are from Forever 21.
Necklace it's from Charlotte Russe.

 The END!

Instyler Review:

I got the Instyler and it took me an hour and 10 mins to get my hair really straight, In my opinion the Instyler it's more for thin hair than curly thick hair like mines. But if your hair it's short or long and thin then you're set!!

<<--This it's how my hair turn out after straighten my hair with the Instyler rotating iron and i like how my hair looks but i wouldn't be using it for a while if I'm in a rush.
I wonder what other people think about this rotating iron...hmmm...