Lauren Conrad!!

OMG!! i love this books, LC it's my inspiration ,I wan't to be a Fashion Designer and she's an amazing designer with a lot of talent. She was just a normal high school girl, who got the opportunity to appear in a reality tv show,and I've seen her struggle,learn , failed, and success in the fashion industry. I just admire the amount of passion she puts in everything she does and how her discipline and commitment have help her be the successful Writer, Designer ,Reality star she is now!

Maybelline Bronze Natural Smokes Squad !

This look it's perfect for a night out ,for the clubs ,lounge,or even to go on a date!I love this palette it's very pigmented and i love the colors i love smoky effect. 

Wet Curls!!

Today in New York the weather went up to 70 degrees,so what a perfect day for a sexy wet curls hairstyle!!
My hair stays curl for days if i leave it like that!!Check my tutorial on Wet Curls :))
Wet Curls are perfect for any occasion because you can accessorize it anyway you want ,you can do so many updo's ,leave wild,how ever you wan't :))