Simple Valentines Day Nails :))!!

This were the nail polish i use for my nails i got inspired by this roses-->>
Pink and Red roses :)) 

What's better than roses to remind you of  VALENTINES 

I wanted something really simple and yet something that reminds people of Valentines,i hope you guys like my 

Outfit of the day!!

Hii Guys!!

Just wanted to post some pictures of my Outfit ,hope you like it :))!

This is my makeup for today it was noon so i wanted something neutral and very warm!

&& this picture is just me being silly lol!

Nivea GoodBye Cellulite Challenge!!

Hii guys ...

     Have you notice something???..SUMMER IS AROUND THE CORNER!!
and i decided to start working on my body imperfections,and one of them is getting rid of my cellulite.
Yes you got it right i decided to try the GoodBye Cellulite Lotion and i already have a month using it and i must say LOVE IT!!
You know , most of us don't think about summer during the winter, because we don't need to show our body,we are always wearing layers & layers of clothes,so why not forget about getting fit and summer ready!!
If we have an imperfection now is the time to start working on getting fit or work on fixing anything we don't like about our body...but WHY?? Well because when summer comes around ,we going to be able to wear whatever we like and not feel depressed because we are not able to wear certain clothes or not being Bikini ready..Makes sense right?? So what are you waiting for,take advantage of the winter and lets get fit and ready for the SUMMER!! 

But let me tell you how i feel about the Nivea GoodBye Cellulite
This product promise to visibly get rid of cellulite and start seeing result in ONLY 3 weeks, and they're right, i have seen a huge difference in my legs even thought i didn't had a lot of cellulite .I still was uncomfortable with my legs, but ufff you can't imagine how confidence i am to show my legs to the world in a bikini..Anyways i really recommend this lotion,and keep you guys updated with my progress :))!

My Birthday pics :))! Jan5th

I'm officially 22 & omg i had so much fun celebrating my birthday with my love ones, is funny because my birthday is Jan 5th & my boyfriend birthday is Jan 8th hahahha!! Yes, we get to celebrate our birthday together :)), just wanted to share some of my birthday pictures with you guys,hope you had fun on your birthday, and remember one year older ,means one year wiser :))!
Clubbing was soo much fun!!
My Lovely boyfriend & i<3

Happy birthday to us baby :))
My birthday at home with some friends :))!

I was a litte sick the day of my birthday but my friends made me feel better :))!

Ice cream cake ,Yummy!!
The end !!! :))