We all dream of having the ''perfect life''kind of like those in fairytale stories.The beautiful girl that find her prince,have this big and beautiful wedding and lived happily ever after.We all know that life isn't really that easy,we fall for that special guy that promise you will be he's everything, & them it turns out that all that he said was all lies.We get our heart broken and consider our self miserable,some of us don't really want to fall in love no more afraid to get our hear broken again.
Like me i know there's a lot of girls who dream with a big wedding,white puffy dress,maid of honors,big cake,and the most important thing a great husband.Some one we love and want to spend the rest of our life with that person,that special person that threats us as if we were a princess.But them we realize its just a dream & we have to wake up.So,how can we live a fairytale life if it's so hard to find love.

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