Fashionable every girl should have a sence of
fashion.Its the way people view us,either
you want people to see you a non fashion girl or as a classy girl.Its very important to dress for success great style leads you to a great future,at least that's the way i see it.I believe this days we all have to feel good,in order to look good,and no one its going to feel good wearing the wrong clothes.
Example:If you to a job interview,and you wear the first thing you see in your closet,do you think you going to get the job??..i don't think so...why??
Because the first impressions it's very important. If you look all trashy they not going to hire you,because if you look bad they look bad.For most jobs image its very important and so it's their employees image.
So,we all need to have some style,it don't have to be something you don't like.If you like to keep it simple,you can still look good keeping it simple and pretty at the same time.Some people probably don't think they have time to look good....But did you know most people get depressed because they don't like the way they look,so why not give it a change.Dress for success and remember that to make a perfect outfit you need to have the perfect hair style to go with.

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